Technically Accurate - Yet Persuasive

Whether it’s a web page, white paper or brochure, your product or service deserves clearly written, concise copy that addresses the needs and concerns of your target audience - engineers, utility directors, operators.  Technical folk with technical requirements.  You aren't going to sway them with fluff.  They want data.  They want accuracy.  They need to KNOW it will work.

But you don’t have time to educate a writer on process basics.  You need a technical writer who already understands the water and wastewater industry, someone knows the abbreviations and acronyms we use to communicate.

You need an engineer.  And whether its microfiltration or microtunneling, R.O. or D.O., I speak your language.

I know your market, I know your clients.

I can talk with your engineers, ask the questions your clients' engineers will ask, and get the information they will need to choose or spec your equipment.  I will thoroughly research your product -- and your competitors -- to be sure I have all the concerns and differentiating features and benefits covered.

I write to educate and persuade.

I am an experienced technical writer.  But I have gone further, studying, applying and refining business to business marketing principles.  Put simply, as a content writer, I can leverage my technical knowledge into compelling content that will educate and persuade your prospects, and ultimately sell your product.   Find out more about what makes me different.

I take what your engineers put into the design…and I put it into words.

Ready for Materials that Speak to YOUR Targeted Clients?

Great!  Give me a call or send me an email and let's get started!